Vemos Pay

Why Now?

Consumers are seeking businesses who leverage contactless payments to stay safe, and the current model of taking payments is slow and outdated. It takes too long to pay, it’s impersonal, and there’s too much unnecessary back and forth.

That’s where Vēmos Pay comes in.

Vēmos Pay is a consumer app that works with nearly all POS systems to provide your guests with a contactless payment app wherever they go.

No Operational Changes.

Your process of accepting Vēmos Pay is identical to someone paying with their credit card at the terminal.


Vēmos Pay integrates directly with your current POS. Your guest sees items added to their check automatically on their phone.


Payments are processed through your merchant services provider so there’s no accounting change for your business.


Your guests can choose the best payment option for them, whether that’s Vēmos Pay, cash, credit, or another payment solution.

How Payments Work:

Guests choose your venue

Guests select you as their location, then view their check on their phone while still ordering directly with your server or bartender.

Guests pay their check

Consumers securely store their credit cards directly in the app to use as their payment method. When it’s time to pay, Vēmos Pay securely sends the payment information to your POS, mimicking the process of an EMV transaction at the terminal.

Open Checks Automatically Close

If a guest leaves your venue without closing their check, it auto closes with gratuity. No more open checks or credit cards left behind.

Splitting a check has never been so easy.

Multiple checks for one party is a headache. With Vēmos Pay, your guests can choose which items they want to add on their own tab and pay for their portion right through the app.

Increase tips for your staff.

Vēmos Pay makes it easy to tip your staff by letting them choose a gratuity percentage. This increases your staff’s tips by an average 20% compared to traditional methods.

Automatically Build Loyalty.

Every time your guests use Vēmos Pay, you build a better relationship with them. Know exactly who’s coming to your establishment and what they order so you can reach back out with personalized offers and promotions.

Accept Vēmos Pay for Free

Get set up in under 15 minutes.