Our Story

Vēmos was founded in 2016 after watching hospitality venues struggle to manage their business and communicate with their customers. It was fascinating: people transformed how they interacted with businesses and brands, but hospitality hadn’t yet adopted to the change. We noticed consumers had gotten accustomed to the savviness of online businesses sending recommendations based on past habits and reminders based on timing. It’s personal. It’s experience-driven. And now they’re driving that change within hospitality.

This has created a void between customers and venues, and created a disconnect in business performance. So the founders of Vēmos (who are tech geeks at heart) hunkered down to understand the root of the issue — data. There was data all over these venues, but none of it was talking to each other. This made it impossible for owners and GMs to understand the full picture of what was happening.

This discovery led us to create the vision of a central system to seamlessly manage a venue in one place while giving access to much needed data. But not just any data. Humanized data. Data that tells a story and provides insights into which triggers increase or decrease business performance and guest experience. It is this vision that allows our customers across the world to grow year after year.

Our Mission and Vision

We’re a team of technology enthusiasts who seek to increase our customers’ businesses through one simple interface that:

  • Easily manages all facets of your venue or event
  • Collects data about your guests, staff, promotions, and business during the whole process
  • Analyzes the data and presents it as clear insights to help you make smarter business decisions

While technology is our sweet spot, we’ve developed our vision alongside our customers to ensure your everyday problems are solved through simplistic tools. And as your business grows, we’ll grow right alongside with you. After all, continued evolution ensures your business and our platform is always improving to fulfill your needs.

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