We envision a world where going out is your most personal experience.

We believe that going out to a restaurant or even attending a concert should not be an out-of-the-box experience. When we sit down and look at a menu, we should each see different items based on our dietary preferences and products we consume. We should receive different offers based on our past purchases, frequency of visits, and interests. We should be alerted of different performing artists based on the types of music or performances we enjoy.

That’s why we built Vēmos

We are on a mission to build an ecosystem that connects consumers to the hospitality venues they frequent as well as the brands they consume during their visits.

We do this through a digital wallet that remembers your own habits across all establishments, backed by a customer data platform that empowers brands & venues to deliver personalized experiences.

With one universal app, consumers can manage loyalty, redeem offers, and make payments at venues across the nation. And for the first time, they’ll be able to engage with and be rewarded for consuming the brands they love.

Our Core Values

We thrive in the unknown, seek answers amidst the ambiguity, and are passionate about building a great solution together as a team.

Vemos Core Value | Constant Learner

Constant Learner

Learning about new ways to solve problems fuels our energy to produce great features.

Vemos Core Value | Be Fearless

Be Fearless

We embrace the unknown, trust our instinct, and understand that failure is our best teacher.

Vemos Core Value | Go the Extra Mile

Go the Extra Mile

Problem solving, thinking critically, and doing what it takes to build the exceptional is just part of our day-to-day.

Vemos Core Value | Win as a Team

Win as a Team

Our greatness is a result of the sum of our team – we win as a team and we lose as a team.

Vemos Core Value | Win as a Team

Love It

We truly love what we do as a company, and our team members love what they do to build it.

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