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Introducing Vēmos Pay for Contactless Payments

Vēmos Pay is a free, contactless payment option for restaurants & bars that works directly with your existing POS. No operational changes. No payment processing changes. Simple & free.

Turn Your Data into Insights

How am I performing compared to this time

last month? Last year?

Does having an entry fee affect how much

guests spend at the bar?

Are the promotions we're offering attracting

the right guests?

How will these answers change how you

do business?


We believe connected data allows you to turn everyday decisions into smart decisions that drives results


You're busy running your venue

It’s not an efficient use of your time to log into multiple services every night and manually look through spreadsheets to understand your business.


We automated the work

We combine data you’re already collecting across your venue into a single, digestible dashboard. That way you only have to log in once to see everything.


You get decision-making insights

We go a step further and humanize this data, so you’re presented with a story of your business, who your guests are, and how their actions influence your performance.

Get Insight Only Vēmos Can Give You

Your venue relies on several different products and services to run. Our purpose is to connect them all together to simplify your life and extract valuable insights so you can make smart decisions that drive profitability.

Build a complete picture

You deserve to see the whole story of your business, not just a chapter. We combine your data that already exists, analyze it in the background, and turn them into insights for you to use to make smart decisions.

Experience seamless operations

While data is our sweet spot, we also have the management tools you need to succeed. This means you can manage multiple areas of your venue through one system with no interruptions.

Connect all of your accounts

You use a number of different products, tools, and services. We’re your hub that connects them all together, giving you one comprehensive dashboard that’s a blend of management tools and business insight.

Unlock insights that turn into results

Most systems give you raw data. We go a step further and turn your data into a story that provides you with insights into which triggers increase or decrease business performance and guest experience.

Understand Every Guest

  • Who’s making up your sales?
  • How do they find out about you?
  • What do they buy once they’re inside?
  • What demographic are you missing out on?

  • Uncover the answers to these questions when you connect your front-of-house tools to your POS system. Account for every guest via license scanning, understand what’s driving them in through trackable marketing links, and provide them with a more personalized experience by connecting each visit to their individual guest profile.

    Always Know Where You Stand

  • How do you compare to what you did this time last year?
  • How are you trending based on results last month?
  • Where do you stand against the venue down the street?
  • How about across the country?

  • Easily answer these questions and more. Uncover your benchmarks so you always know where you stand. Use these benchmarks to compare your results against past performance as well as your industry at large. Then use that insight to improve and grow. It’s this mindset that allows our customers from across the world to see increased growth year after year.

    Make Decisions on the Fly

  • Is your bar upstairs running slower than normal?
  • Are your cover prices deterring guests from entering?
  • Are you reaching capacity at a rapid rate?
  • Is your average cost per transaction lower than normal?

  • You have the power in your hands to own the night and be in full control of how it plays out. With everything synced, you get real-time information on any device without ever having to refresh your screen. Now, you can make decisions in the moment based on what’s happening right now.

    Features that Work Together

    All features are interconnected and backed by our powerful data & analytics platform. Now you can spend smarter, target sharper, and create a great experience for every person walking through your door.

    Vēmos Pay

    Contactless payments that works directly with your existing POS system. No operational or payment processing changes. Increase tips for your staff, and allow for easy check splitting.

    ID Scanner

    Scan, verify, and collect data on each person that walks through your door to humanize your data. You also get a digital 86 list as well as a citywide ban list to keep your venue safe.

    Reservation Management

    Book, manage, and collect payment for reservations. Always know who your biggest spenders and best VIPs are and where to seat them based on your real-time visual map.

    Events & Registration

    Manage events, guarantee revenue with pre-sales, and track critical information along the way, such as who your guests are, when they buy, and what types of events do well for you.

    Guestlist Management

    Always track your guestlist parties to serve them with a personalized service. Keep high-profile guests on an all-time list, plus collect or waive cover payment automatically

    General Admission

    Collect and track walkup payments at the door. Track promo codes, comps, and real-time capacity in one view. Easily reconcile cash/credit at the end of the night.

    CRM System

    Build your customer database with individual guest profiles for enhanced personal service. Data includes contact info, lifetime spend, historic check-ins, and preferences.

    Marketing Suite

    Filter your database into specific targeted audiences to send hyper-personalized messages. Track all marketing efforts through referral links to know what converts.


    Get transparency and efficiency through our automated systems, including an automated cashier and EON reports. Save time, save money, and improve accuracy with smart technology.

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