How to Integrate Toast POS

How to Integrate Toast POS

In order to accept Vēmos Pay at your location, you must first connect your Toast account to Vēmos. Please follow these 3 easy steps to get set up.

Step 1

Add “Vemos” in the Toast Partner Connect Portal.

Login to your online Toast account ( and navigate to “Integrations” (Integrations > Browse & purchase integrations) then search for “Vemos” then click “Add now”.

Step 2

Create a “Vemos Pay” employee in Toast. We recommend this employee have “1.17 Change Server” permission enabled so your staff can easily transfer checks created by Vemos Pay to themselves.

Step 3

Complete your free Vēmos account setup at

Congrats – You’re set up!

It may take up to 72 hours for Vemos Pay to be live for your location and a Vēmos team member will reach out to you once you are live and can start accepting contactless payments.


We provide complimentary Vemos Pay stickers and table numbers. Request your free packet, or reach out to our team to create a custom design with your own branding.