Guest List

Guest List

Learn how to add to a guest list, and check people in using standard cover or comped entrance. All in the Vemos Events and Venue app.

1. A guestlist is where promoters, employees, online lists will enter in parties they know are coming ahead of time to your night.
2.Before the night begins, in the Vemos Events and Venue app, you will live in the Manage then Guestlist mode. Here you can add and edit parties.

3.Create a new party with the plus sign, adding in name, party size, referrer, and either normal, or comped entrance. Normal entrance would be a standard cover charge, and comped would be free entrance at the door.

4.Then once you have all your guests added in, you will move to the cashier mode, guest list.

5.Swipe to check in the party. You also have the option to add any extra guests they may have brought with them and not told you about. With additional entrance types on the bottom.

6.Your guests can then pay by credit, cash, or be comped.

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