Host a Virtual Class

Host a Virtual Class

Interact virtually.

Host an interactive class to teach your skillset to others from the comfort of your home. Participants can engage with you throughout the lesson. It’s the perfect way to stay connected without physically being together.

Earn income from home.

Sell tickets to attend your virtual class to earn income from your home. Vēmos uses Stripe Connect so you get ticket sales deposited directly into your account as soon as sales role in.

Share your skills.

Share your talents with people who are eager to learn in a way that they can interact with you over video. Are you a chef? Host an interactive cooking class. Bartender? Host a mixology class. Yoga instructor? Host a yoga class. Whatever skill you have, share it with the world!

Get set up in minutes.

There’s no monthly subscription to host virtual classes & events. A 10% service fee is added to the consumer buying the ticket, with a maximum fee of $9.95 per ticket. No fees are added for free events.