Reservation Management

Book, manage, and collect payment for reservations.

Deliver a First-Class Experience

I was two floors above the host at the entrance, and could see on my device that a party had checked in with the host. I didn’t have to refresh my screen or be alerted through a different channel. Everything was communicated in real-time through our dashboard.

Our reservation platform is built to create pure transparency between all your staff, both before the night starts and during. What tables are booked, what tables are still available, which tables are the high spenders, when a VIP party arrives, special notes associated with their reservation. It’s all about making sure you are giving the highest level of service to your highest spending guests.

Enhanced Capabilities

  • Streamline reservation requests coming from online, by text, through calls, or by individual staff members so nothing is lost
  • Accept pre-purchased tables in full or with a deposit to mitigate your no-show rate
  • Easily drag and drop reservations on your visual floor plan to see real-time inventory
  • Assign servers to reservations so they can see in advance who they are serving, and you can identify your best servers based on how much they are upselling
  • Track table spend in real-time to continue customized service well beyond arrival
  • Manage table reservations from any device: smartphone, tablet or desktop

  • Transparent Internal Communication

  • Always know which VIPs are coming and and how many tables you have remaining
  • Real-time updates across devices so everyone is in the know
  • Never miss a reservation or accidentally give away someone’s table
  • Make sure all door staff are ready to greet VIPs by name when they arrive
  • Always attribute reservations to the appropriate referrer to easily track payouts and kickbacks

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    Feature Highlights

    • Purpose Manage your reservations from any device at any time from anywhere.
    • Benefits All reservations sync together in real-time and automatically attribute the reservation to the appropriate referrer. Real-time data and table map allows you to see current inventory while providing a seamless check-in process when guests arrive.
    • Insights Who's bringing in your best VIPs? What's your biggest referral source? Which servers are upselling the most? Who makes the most tips and provides the best service? How many people on average do your VIPs bring with them? What products are your fastest selling items?
    • Package VIP, Luxury