Point of Sale Integration

Connect your POS system to uncover insights like never before.

Your Key to Unlock Insights

I had no idea this information was even available to me, let alone presented in a way where I didn’t have to dig to find the information.

Your point of sale system allows you to export raw data. We go a step further and turn your data into a story that provides you with insight into which triggers increase or decrease business performance. The best part is that it’s a turnkey solution — all that’s required is a flip of the switch to connect your point of sale system into your dashboard and you’re on your way to uncovering your insights

Always Know Where You Stand

  • Get easy suggestions to help increase profitability
  • Uncover your benchmark stats to know how you compare to this time last year or even last month
  • Get a true look at your average cost per transaction
  • See an easy breakdown of your labor to sales ratio, as well as your profit by hour
  • Understand exactly which days and which times of those days are your highest performing based on your benchmarks

  • Connect Features to Get Even More

  • Connect with License Scanning and understand what guests make up your sales
  • Uncover guests and capacity by hour
  • Understand your revenue sources, and the top items that are purchased
  • Connect to our reservation management system to understand your average spend per table, sales by server by hour, and which server upsells the most
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    Feature Highlights

    • Purpose Uncover key insights about your business
    • Benefits Always know where you stand compared to historic results as well as your industry at large, and use that insight to improve and grow.
    • Insights What's your average cost per transaction? What's your labor to sales ratio? Are your bartenders operating at max efficiency? How do you compare to what you did this time last year or last month? What products sell the most based on the time of day?
    • Package Basic, Premier, VIP, Luxury