License Scanning

Scan, verify, and collect data on each person that walks through your door.

Safety and Data Combined

Without ID Scanning, it’s like having a great first date and then leaving without contact information.

Our ID Scanning app is an added layer for you to collect valuable information of your guests without adding a new process to your door. Do what you always do, but now get insight about who’s walking in, when they’re arriving, how much they spend inside, and if they’re even allowed to be inside your venue. Keep your venue safe and understand every person walking through your door.

Protect Your Venue

  • Help staff spot fake IDs
  • Protect your venue from underage drinking, saving you thousands of dollars
  • Mark guests who cause trouble, and easily ban them from your venue even with staff turnover
  • Get access to a citywide violation list to make the best decisions on which guests to serve

  • Improve Your Venue

  • Know every person who walks through your doors
  • Immediately see the number of times a guest comes to your venue
  • Capture data on age, gender, and zip code for each of your guests
  • See an easy breakdown of the customer segments that come to your venue
  • Uncover a more accurate spend per person and average cost per transaction when combined with POS Integration
  • Use your data to focus your marketing to the right audience, saving you thousands of dollars
  • Have your staff easily spot VIPs so they don’t get held up at your door
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    Feature Highlights

    • Purpose Safeguard your venue while uncovering valuable guest data
    • Benefits Scan, verify, and collect data on each person that walks through your door. Do what you always do, now with added layers of security and with marketable data.
    • Insights Uncover who your guests are, where they're coming from, their age range and gender profiles, how many times they come, whether they're a new or returning guest, if they're banned from your venue, or if they've caused an issue nearby. Use this data in your marketing to further improve your efforts.
    • Package Premier, VIP, Luxury