Guest Database

All of your customers' visits, notes, and contact information in one place.

Humanize Your Data

Most nightlife software tracks contact information and reservation history. Vēmos tracks everything and shows a complete picture of our guests.

We believe in data that tells a story. Data that has a human element. Data you can use to better target your customers. That’s why we’ve built our system so everything syncs back to your guest database / customer relationship management system. This is what allows you to truly understand who your guests are and use key data points for hyper-targeted marketing campaigns.

Personal Guest Profiles

  • Understand your guests on an individual level, including demographic information and activity
  • Every guestlist entry, ticket purchase, reservation, ID Scan, and general admission walk-up is added to build their lifetime story
  • Filter your guest database into segments based on demographic, geographic, and psychographic information for 100% targeted campaigns

  • Track Customer Spend

  • Uncover how much a guests pays when they come, including door cover, pre-purchased tickets, and reservations.
  • Every transaction is automatically added to the guest’s profile, along with their lifetime spend, year-to-date spend, and average visit spend
  • Use your data to understand how to upsell this customer or get them to make one more purchase than last time

  • See Lifetime Habits

  • Uncover each guests’s individual habits before, during, and after they’re at your venue
  • Use trackable marketing links to see how they find out about you and which campaigns get them to convert
  • See an overview of your guest’s journey and their lifetime story with your venue
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    Feature Highlights

    • Purpose Build your customer database with individual guest profiles for enhanced personal service.
    • Benefits Understand who your customers are, treat every guest on a personal level, and use your guest information to improve marketing efforts for 100% targeted campaigns.
    • Insights How did your guest find out about you? What type of entry do they typically choose/ How many people do they come with? What nights or concerts drive them in? What do they order once inside? How long have they been coming to your venue? Which days do they typically come?
    • Package Premier, VIP, Luxury