General Admission

Collect and track all walkup payments at the door.

Understand Every Guest

For the first time, we’re able to track beyond guestlist and reservations. We know if our promoters are driving results and have a more accurate look at our real-time capacity.

General admission guests are amongst the most overlooked, yet they’re the highest in density and attribute to a large chunk of business. Not tracking your walk-ups means you’re missing one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle. Instead, understand every guest who walks into your venue, including the average cost per entry, any promotion that was provided, and which promoters brought them in.

Streamline Your GA Line

  • Collect cover charge on the spot, and auto schedule the cover price to change based on time or by capacity
  • Track the effectiveness of your promotions and get accurate data of how many guests your promoters bring in
  • Track the number of comps that are given out, and limit the number per user to protect your revenue

  • Understand Trends

  • Know exactly how many guests checked in during your night
  • Uncover what days of the week are the busiest, and more specifically which time increments have the highest check-in rates
  • Understand how your marketing efforts affect your walk-up business
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    Feature Highlights

    • Purpose Track all your walk up guests
    • Benefits Account for every general admission guest, get insight about which promotions or referrers brought them in, accept cover payment directly through the app upon check-in, set cover to auto update based on time or capacity.
    • Insights See exactly how many guests walk through your venue, what time and days are your busiest, which promoter brings in your guests , and the average cost of entry.
    • Package VIP, Luxury