How to add additional users

How to add additional users

Learn how to add users to your Vemos account. Understand different job descriptions and what they entail in the Vemos system.

1.Start by opening a web-browser on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone and go to
2.On the top bar, next to your name click “Settings”, then “users”.

Unless on mobile- then click the 3 bars on the top right of the screen and hit “Settings” then “Users”

3.A user is someone who will need access to vemos, a promoter, cashier, host, etc.
4.To create a new user, someone who will use Vemos and need their own account. Click “New User”.

5.Enter in First name, Last name, email, and phone number (optional). If you have not connected your POS to Vemos, leave POS Employee ID blank.
6.You will then choose their job description, and how many comps they get. Each job has a default number of comps at the door but you can make it custom to that person as well.
7.It’s important that this information is correct because the employee, or user will get an email that allows them to set up their password.
8.Looking at the comps tab shows you what you have set for each job description, and how many comps they have defaulted per description.
9.Permissions will let you know what each job description entails within the Vemos system.

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