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5 Steps to Technology Success

We understand: technology can be overwhelming, especially while implementing a new technology system in your club. Not only do you have to make sure the system actually works for your needs, but you also have to train all employees on how to use it. This is why we recommend taking small steps that help you realize how technology can significantly increase efficiency, profitability, and security.

Many venues see success with the small-step approach. In fact, it oftentimes allows you and your staff to focus more on your customers and less on back-end technological issues. Below are 5 tips to help you succeed when switching to a new technology system.

1. Understand what you want to get out of your new system

It’s critical to know what your goals and expectations are from a system. Without having these defined in the beginning, you have no idea how well the system is working. Perhaps you want to increase the speed of the night, discover insights about your guests, understand how your club and employees are performing, or even generate more pre-sale revenue. All of this is possible with technology. The more you know about why you want to go down the route, the better technology partner you’ll find and the easier time you’ll have in getting staff buy-in.

2. Find the right partner

The best thing you can do is find a company who will act as a true partner in making your club more profitable. They should fully understand your club’s operations and strategies to provide the best solution to your needs. Also consider using a system that has multiple solutions on one platform. Not only does this reduce the number of vendors you have to work with on a daily basis, but also better integrates data about your club’s performance.

3. Start small

The reason technology, or any new system for that matter, seems overwhelming is because people think of it as one big overhaul rather than a series of small steps. Adopting technology is a marathon, not a race. Pick the technology solutions that you absolutely need today and blend it into your current operations. Once you get the hang of the new features you added, you’ll feel more comfortable about what technology can do for your venue and will be ready to add more necessary features.

4. Get staff on board

Staff rarely like disruptions in their work routine, so make sure to onboard them before the new system takes over. It’s best to get all staff members together who will be interacting with the new software to introduce the system, show them how it works, and answer any questions they may have. It may also be beneficial to bring in the company with whom you’re partnering to clarify any points or walk through the system. The more in-tune they are with working with the system, the better the system will work for you.

5. Show continuous support

Support must come from the top. If you don’t believe in the system, why should your employees? Employees buy into new processes and are more likely to ask for any needed help when upper management shows a level of investment in the product. This ensures your club runs like a well-oiled machine and sees better results.

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How to Increase Profit with Event Ticketing

There’s a common issue we see in the nightlife industry, and that’s lack of data sharing – especially when it comes to ticketing. Very few third-party companies are willing to give up their most valuable asset: data. And chances are, you’re suffering from this more than you know. Let’s take a look:

You’re gearing up to host a big event. You know you need to charge for the event, and the best way to do so is through ticketing. You choose a prominent ticketing company to handle the set-up, promotion, and distribution of your tickets. People come to your event and all seems well. But when the event is over, it’s over. The ticketing company didn’t give you access to your ticketing sales. You have no idea who came into your venue, where they were from, what they did while they were there, or how much money you made. All you know is you hosted an event and people showed up.

We at BookBottles knew this needed to change. The only way to know whether your event was a success is to analyze data, which is very hard to do when you don’t get access to your own data. That’s why we believe you should have full control of your events. So we created a platform that incorporates ticketing into the rest of your efforts, giving you that full 360-degree look at how your venue is performing. This platform enables you to:

  • Create and manage an online event page
  • Sell tickets to consumers right through the page via an e-commerce system
  • Integrate the event with a mobile app for promoters to sell tickets directly from their devices
  • Track ticket sales and results along the way
  • See how often a certain individual buys your event tickets and for which shows

This type of platform syncs all promoters and marketing efforts together in one centralized spot to maximize ticket sales and revenue. What’s more is you’re able to analyze results to better set yourself up for success in the future. After all, optimization is the key to long-term success.

Stop selling yourself short by only handling the front-end side of selling tickets. Get access to your data and learn whether your event was a success and which areas need improvement. The more you know, the better results you’ll have. And with better results comes bigger profits.

Whitney Johnson is the global director of marketing at BookBottles. Contact her at

The Power of Being Connected

Running a successful nightclub isn’t easy. You have several different areas doing several different things, not to mention an array of staff members to account for. That’s why it’s more important than ever to stay connected, both from a personnel and an operations standpoint.

Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to stay connected in today’s landscape, especially with efficient technology solutions. Here’s how you can improve your interconnectivity and, in turn, your profits.

1. Find the right platform

There are technology platforms out there specific to the nightclub industry that streamlines operations into one centralized spot. This solution increases efficiency across the board by correlating information from multiple sources and uncovering key statistics about your business. So not only are you connected through this one platform, but you’re also gaining valuable business insight.

2. Start small

Technology platforms are robust and come with a lot of bells and whistles. But just because it has everything you could ever want doesn’t mean you have to start using every feature right away. The reason technology, or any new system for that matter, seems overwhelming is because people think of it as one big overhaul rather than a series of small steps. Pick the features that you absolutely need today and blend it into your current operations. Once you get the hang of the new features you added, you’ll feel more comfortable about what technology can do for your venue and you will be ready to add more necessary features.

3. Give staff access to the platform

Once you’ve identified which features make the most sense for you, it’s time to unveil it to the team. The same platform noted above has the capability to provide individual logins to each member of your team. And, depending on that person’s role in your club, you get to choose what they can and can’t access, helping to keep your data more secure. Giving staff access (even if it’s limited access) to a technology solution that combines information in one spot is an efficient way to get everyone on the same page.

4. Train staff on the platform

Get all staff members together who will be interacting with the platform. Having everyone in one place makes it easy for you to introduce the system, show them how it works, and answer any questions they may have. After all, your customers interact with multiple members of your staff on any given night, so it’s crucial for each staff member to be adequately trained to handle any type of customer, including VIP customers, and work with one another to give the impression that your club is well run.

5. Experience an interconnective club

Customer experience is elevated when staff and departments are running in sync. While the customer can’t directly attribute their experience to a well-run system, they can feel the difference between a venue running each department in a silo vs. one that is interconnected. This helps increase customer loyalty and customer spending to keep you in business for years to come.

Whitney Johnson is the global director at BookBottles. Contact her at

Do You Know How Your Venue is Performing?

The key to measuring the success of your club is by analyzing critical data. Yet, most venues don’t look at their data to get an accurate gage of how well their club is performing. The problem is few venues have a system in place to analyze this data, and even fewer have the necessary time and resources to comb through data points to make sense of it all. As a result, venues are operating blindly and wasting time and money on areas that may not be working.

To get a true sense of how your venue is performing, you should be able to rattle off:

  • How much money you made or lost over a given time period
  • Which days of the week are your busiest
  • What type of liquor you sell the most on a given day
  • How many tables are reserved a night
  • Which promoters are bringing in the most guests
  • Which servers are upselling the most and making the most tips
  • What types of promotions or events bring in the most traffic

If you don’t have an answer to these points, it’s time to put an analytics system in place. Don’t cut yourself short by only turning to your point of sale (POS) system to provide this data. While it’s true that most POS systems collect data, it’s oftentimes presented in convoluted ways. It’s nearly impossible to get a glimpse of your club’s employee performance, promoter performance, individual guest sales, or trending liquor sales. That’s why it’s more important than ever to turn to a system that not only collects, but also reports the data you need in meaningful ways.

The best systems are fully integrated solutions that collect data from any area of your club and analyze and present it in one central spot. These systems are beneficial in a number of ways, because they:

  • Allow you to identify the audience you want to measure (servers, promoters, customers, overall club performance, or all of the above)
  • Provide insight on trending liquor sales, which helps with inventory planning
  • Report key information on individual guests – average spend, total spend, group size, favorite liquors, and top purchases – so you can better serve them
  • Present the results you chose to identify in easy-to-read charts and graphs, which removes the manual labor of you combing through all the data

With this type of system, you’re able to easily review the data that’s presented, benchmark it against your goals, and optimize your results to work in your favor. If something isn’t working – such as a certain type of liquor isn’t selling well or a promoter isn’t providing results – then fix the problem. The more you now, the more you can do.

How to Get More from Your Promoters

Marketing is a critical component to your venue’s success. From basic promotions to grand events, your marketing and messaging is what lures guests in and keeps them coming back. Yet, marketing is the area that tends to get the least amount of strategic attention and oftentimes acts alone in a silo. And when a department is in a silo, your venue significantly suffers.

Most clubs look to promoters to act as their marketing personnel. They’re the ones who keep an eye on trends, create a loyal following, and bring new guests through the door. What most clubs don’t do is loop their promoters in with their overall business. You wouldn’t bring in a server and not train or integrate her into your operations, so why would you do this with your promoters? Here’s how to get them more involved and set them and yourself up for success.

1. Train them on your operations.

It’s important for your promoters to know how your business operates and how all staff members fit together to create a successful venue. This helps them understand how they fit into your club and what they need to do to further your success.

2. Inform them of your business goals.

Every marketing activity must align with your business goals. What’s the point of hosting an event if it’s not going to achieve your desired results? Your promoters are more easily able to identify marketing opportunities when they know your goals and vision. They know what trends match your vision, what performance acts align with your brand, and what messaging to use to get guests excited about coming to your venue. The more your promoters can talk about your club in the right away and create innovative marketing campaigns to propel you forward, the more you will see long-term success.

3. Provide them with the right tools.

Now that your promotes are ingrained in your business, they’re able to go out and bring the right people in on a consistent basis, build relationships to keep them coming back, and create top-of-the-line marketing campaigns. But what could help them excel even more is providing them with a system that allows them to make transactions right from a mobile device.

There are systems available that give all staff members – including promoters – a personal login to handle guest management and point of sale. Through this type of system, promoters can add guests to the guestlist, create a VIP reservation, or even sell a ticket to your event. It’s an easy solution for your promoters to sell in real-time and generate instant sales for your club.

4. Measure and reward.

Without tracking measures in place, it’s nearly impossible to truly understand how well your promoters are working for you. The same technology mentioned above can track the referrer of an individual customer, VIP reservation, or guestlist party. Once these customers are in the club, the technology can continue to track spending habits, such as product type and amount. This makes it easier for you to identify not only who’s bringing in the most traffic, but also who’s bringing in the best traffic. And when you know your promoters are doing a job-well-done, you’re able to incentivize and reward them accordingly to keep them performing and maximizing results.

Whitney Johnson is the global director of marketing at BookBottles. Contact her at