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Being In Control Of Vip Guests

VIPs are a crucial component of your business. They enhance your overall atmosphere and, more importantly, they spend more money. This is why they need to be treated with better, more customized service.

However, recent articles have shown that many employees equate better service to no rules. This should never be the case, and we will further emphasize the importance of Nightclub & Bar’s suggestion to have a VIP Code of Conduct for all employees to understand. And by all employees, we mean all employees. Don’t leave out those that don’t typically work with VIP customers – chances are your VIP guests will interact with nearly all levels of employees at one point or another.

Employees who don’t understand how to interact with VIP guests coupled with non-existent rules leads to serious danger for your club, including poor customer service, sub-par experiences and even litigation. Integrated technology can assist in ensuring this doesn’t happen by being in full control of your VIP experience. Here’s how:

  • A customer relationship management (CRM) system lets all employees know your clients on a deeper level than just their name. They can see their party size, favorite liquors, and past transactions to serve them with excellent and personal service.
  • A point of sale (POS) system that’s integrated with your CRM system can track what your VIP guests are drinking. This not only helps from an inventory standpoint, but also works to mitigate overconsumption and, in turn, legal fines. Servers have a better handle of what and how much is being consumed through the POS and CRM data.
  • Advanced ID scanning systems tracks risks associated with unlawful incidents. The system can provide past incident information to help make more educated decisions on who does and doesn’t get into your club and alert you of any crimes that do happen in your club. This can also be integrated with your CRM system to keep track of these incidents well after they happen to always keep your employees informed.

While it’s important to provide your VIP guests with the feeling that they’re better than the standard club-goer (they are VIPs after all), it’s even more imperative to stay true to your club rules and regulations. Train employees, staff accordingly, and use technology to your advantage.

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The Value Of Id Scanners In Nightclubs

Checking IDs is commonly considered a necessary evil of serving alcohol. It’s not sexy. It’s not exciting. It’s a nuisance. But this nuisance is actually a huge asset to your nightclub, especially with the right technology. It’s no longer a matter of crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s. Using advanced technology to check IDs is the new way to protect your club while driving profit.

The Legal Aspect

More than 250 ID changes are made annually in the United States alone, and the creation of fraudulent IDs will continue to advance. This is a deadly combination. It’s neither smart nor fair to leave the burden of identifying outdated or fraudulent IDs with your doormen. Once a minor is approved and served, litigation may be right around the corner.

While legal repercussions vary by state and circumstances, the license holder found in violation of alcohol furnishing laws can receive anything from a fine to a suspension to a revocation of the liquor license. This liability begins with the first drink. It doesn’t matter whether or not a minor exhibits signs of intoxication, if there’s alcohol in the blood system, then your nightclub is liable. And should your license get revoked, you’ll have to wait at least six months before you can apply for another, which will likely be more difficult and costly due to the revocation on your record.

Maintain a Secure Environment

Not only can electronic ID scanning systems deter minors from entering your club, but they can also mitigate risks associated with unlawful incidents. Advanced ID scanning systems have the functionality to:

  • Keep track of people who might become too intoxicated, start fights or commit other crimes
  • Identify involved parties, including staff, when an incident occurs
  • Provide past incident information to help make more educated decisions on who does and doesn’t get into your club

Maintaining a secure environment minimizes costs associated with insurance, repairs, fines, and enforcement. What’s more is it provides an enjoyable atmosphere for your patrons, which translates to a more profitable establishment.

Improve Customer Relationships

Better data means better business, and better business starts with great customer service. The more you know about your customers, the better you can communicate with them and develop lasting relationships. Electronic ID scanners allow you to collect information in the blink of an eye, such as customer demographics, frequency of visits, male to female ratio, and customer contact information. This information leads to better communication, management and, ultimately, profit.

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4 Ways To Improve Your Bottle Service

Bottle service is a crucial component of many top nightclubs’ business. It transforms standard clubs into elite, highly desirable clubs. It’s a way to attract high-status patrons and, above all else, make revenue faster than ever before.

But just because you offer bottle service doesn’t mean you’re doing it well. Here are 4 tips to improve your bottle service offering and maximize your club’s results.

1. Know where and how VIP guests are being booked

It’s common for nightclubs to get inundated with reservation requests from promoters, staff, agents, and guests themselves. The more organized you are with tracking reservations, the better your entire VIP service will be. Have a central location where all reservations are documented to make sure nothing gets lost in the process. Give your bouncers access to these VIPs so they are never stopped at the door or have to wait in line.

2. Know your clients and give them a customized experience

VIP guests don’t want to be treated like a number. They should be greeted at the door, walked to their table, offered their personal top-purchased liquors, and attended to by their favorite server Having a customer relationship management system in place helps track this information to give seamless VIP service from all staff members.

3. Manage inventory accordingly

It’s hard to predict the type and amount of liquors to purchase, but you can’t afford to run out of a top client’s favorite bottle before he even arrives. Take time to analyze history and trends of the bottles that are being purchased in your club, especially by your regular guests. Having a system like this in place not only helps you to better plan, but it also strengthens customer experience.

4. Interact and engage clients on a personal level

Promoting your nightclub in general and promoting your VIP tables won’t be the exact same. It’s no longer about summoning the masses for VIP. These clients demand a personal touch. Send personalized emails, texts and phone calls to past clients and keep them up-to-date with what’s happening at your club. While doing so, make sure you’re giving them information that’s specifically relevant to their interests and habits. A client won’t be impressed if you inform them of a new tequila brand if they’re solely vodka drinkers.

Amplify your ambiance. Make your clients feel exclusive by offering comfortable seating, elegant tables, and sexy mobile tablets. These factors will not only get your clients to stay longer (and order more), but will make you the state-of-the-art club.

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Top 5 Trends For Nightclub Owners

Maintaining a lucrative business in the nightclub industry isn’t easy. You need to stay up-to-date on industry trends and offer the best experience in the biz. Here are 5 trends top nightclubs use to stay ahead of the curve.

1. Know your customers

People are a part of your product. The better people you have inside your club, the better the party. But to get the best people in your door, you first have to know which type of people you want to attract and thereby represent your club. There’s no shame in saying no to those that don’t fit your criteria. The best clubs implement a dress code, recommend specific times for guests to arrive and demonstrate a strong ratio of both gender groups.

From there, treat your customers with respect and show them you really care. Don’t sell out high-profile customers. Clientele of high importance go to elite clubs where they feel safe and can relax, yet are treated by staff with the personal VIP status they deserve. Having a good customer relationship management (CRM) system that is tied to important analytics can help your club achieve this. The more you know about your audience, the better service and experience you can offer to your clients, and the more likely they are to return.

2. Appear exclusive

Instilling an exclusive concept in people’s minds gives your club an edge; a desire; a reason to want to party at your venue. Those that get in are part of the hottest group around. Do this by focusing on your target audience. Letting only those that fit your criteria through the door provides a better inside experience than simply letting anyone in. Top clubs turn relatively ordinary experiences into extraordinary ones, appearing as incredibly desirable. They know their audience, they treat them well, they appear inaccessible to everyday pedestrians, and they make themselves the talk of the town.

3. Get in tune with top musicians

The trend of electronic music of multiple genres isn’t only sweeping the nation, but is a sign of class and status in the nightclub industry. Top clubs welcome electronic music sensations, and get on the bandwagon of in-house performances. In fact, 88.3% of Nightclub and Bar Magazine’s 2012 Top 100 list feature DJs, 73.6% host live entertainment and 80% offer a dance floor. The DJ is the new rock star, so it’s worth investing in the right one to play the right music.

4. Improve operations

Let’s face it – it’s not efficient to operate with pen and paper. So why do you still use it? Too many clubs still use written guestlists, handwritten bottle service orders, and scan photocopies of patron’s IDs. It’s nearly impossible to track results this way, let alone effectively communicate across staff and offer exceptional client experience.

There are services available that top clubs are using to streamline operations and maximize profits, such as guestlist management software, reservation management software or CRM systems. In fact, there are solutions out there that offer the whole gamut in one spot. These solutions give you better insight, increase efficiency and revenue, and ultimately lead to a better customer experience to keep them coming back for more.

5. Offer the latest and greatest

Society is becoming savvier, which means people expect the latest and greatest at the tip of their fingers. Is that what your club is offering? It’s easy to get too ingrained in your own venue that you look past the lack of technology, dated décor, and overall aged experience. Offer sexy technology solutions for your clients to interact with. Have some eye candy – staff, models, and dancers – to get them excited. Install state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems. Keeping trends top-of-mind will help ensure longevity and class.

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Vēmos Launches Smartphone Apps For Android And IOS

After our recent rollout of updated capabilities on the back-end web system, we have now released an app for iOS and Android devices. We know club owners, managers, promoters and servers are on-the-go, and a laptop isn’t always the most convenient. We took the most used functions from our system and put it in the palm of your hand.

Key features for iOS

All Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Mini and iPad, comprise of the following capabilities:

  • Reservation management. Users can create, edit, search for, confirm, and seat reservations no matter where they came from. The app and the web version are in sync with one another, so when a reservation is updated either on the web or on the app, it immediately shows up on both platforms.
  • Customer relationship management. Our in-depth client profile system made its way into the palm version. Each profile features reservation history, past liquors purchased, guests associated with reservations, and spend per date. There’s also the capability to add critical notes associated with a client. Again, the web and mobile versions are in sync to show updates as they come.
  • Point of sale. Manage bottle service orders and transactions right at the VIP table. This feature allows users to add bottles, food, or packages to a reservation and process credit card payments either through our mobile card reader or manually entering the information. Our system also has the capability to split bills based on a percent or a dollar amount.

Key features for Android

The following functionalities are available for all Android devices 3.0 and up, with more features to be released in the near future:

  • Reservation management, with the same functionalities described above.
  • Customer relationship management, which gives an in-depth look at a customer’s past experience at your club, his or her spend-to-date and any notes associated with that customer.
  • The apps are available as a free download in the iTunes App Store and Google Play store. Access to log into the app and use its functionality is reserved for BookBottles customers. Contact us at for more information or to become a part of Vēmos.

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